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Harknett Music is happy to be partnered with Eastern Canada's premiere master educator and pedagogue for the First Steps curriculum and F.A.M.E.'d Elementary Music Educator from Kingston, Ontario: David Rankine.

Contact David Rankine at david.i.rankine@gmail.com

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Brand NEW Release
G-DVD1052First Steps in Music for Kindergarten and First Grade: In ActionLogin for price
G-9736Feierabend FundamentalsLogin for price
Books for Pre-school and Early Elementary
G-5880First Steps in Music for Preschool and BeyondLogin for price
G-5276The Book of Pitch ExplorationLogin for price
G-5277The Book of Echo SongsLogin for price
G-5278The Book of Call and ResponseLogin for price
G-5280The Book of Children’s SongTalesLogin for price
G-5876The Book of Movement ExplorationLogin for price
G-5877The Book of Finger Plays and Action SongsLogin for price
G-5878The Book of Beginning Circle GamesLogin for price
G-5879The Book of Songs and Rhymes with Beat MotionsLogin for price
First Steps Packages — Bundled for HUGE SAVINGS!
G-7001First Steps in Music Preschool and Beyond Bundle
(Curriculum, 4 cd sets)
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(Curriculum, 4 cd sets and all 8 concept books)
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Companion Materials
G-6400Vocal Development Kit
(Puppets, toys, and instruments with manual)
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G-6509Pitch Exploration Stories
(12 large picture cards)
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G-6510Pitch Exploration Pathways
(12 large picture cards)
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G-6511Oh, In the Woods
(12 large picture cards)
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G-7962Down by the Bay
(10 large picture cards)
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Lomax the Hound of Music
G-DVD829The Best of Lomax the Hound of Music (2 Hours)Login for price
G-CD830Lomax the Hound of Music:Favorite SongsLogin for price
Classical Music for Movement
G-CD903Music for Creative Movement (3 CD set)Login for price
G-CD493First Steps in Classical Music: Keeping the BeatLogin for price
Folk Song Picture Books (with downloadable MP3s)
G-6535The CrabfishLogin for price
G-7178My Aunt Came BackLogin for price
G-7179There Was a ManLogin for price
G-7416Father GrumbleLogin for price
G-7690The Derby RamLogin for price
G-7844The Frog and the MouseLogin for price
G-8121Risseldy RosseldyLogin for price
G-8122The Tailor and the MouseLogin for price
G-8454There's a Hole in the BucketLogin for price
G-8585The Other Day I Met a BearLogin for price
G-8893Jennie JenkinsLogin for price
G-9341Momma, Buy Me a China DollLogin for price
G-9548Kitty AloneLogin for price
Conversational Solfege
G-5380Level 1 Teacher’s ManualLogin for price
G-5380FLLevel 1 FlashcardsLogin for price
G-5380SLevel 1 Student BookLogin for price
G-CD526Level 1 Classical Selections CDLogin for price
G-5381Level 2 Teacher’s ManualLogin for price
G-5381FLLevel 2 FlashcardsLogin for price
G-5381SLevel 2 Student BookLogin for price
G-CD527Level 2 Classical Selections CDLogin for price
G-5382NEW AND REVISED! Level 3 Teacher’s ManualLogin for price
G-CD1050NEW AND REVISED! Level 3 Classical Selections CDLogin for price
Related Materials
G-9355First Steps in Music with Orff Schulwerk *NEW*Login for price
G-9693First Steps in Music Parent Handbook *NEW*Login for price
G-8453Word Wall EnhancedLogin for price
Song Collections for Older Children
G-8552The Book of CanonsLogin for price
G-8663The Book of Song DancesLogin for price
G-8736The Book of Song Tales for Upper GradesLogin for price
G-8747The Book of Playground Songs and RhymesLogin for price
Instructional DVDs
G-DVD499Music and Early Childhood (30-minute documentary produced by Connecticut Public Television)Login for price
G-DVD875First Steps in Music;The Lectures (5 DVDs)Login for price
G-DVD947First Steps in Music: In Action DVDLogin for price
G-DVD946Conversational Solfege Explained (3 DVDs)Login for price
G-DVD1033First Steps in Music for Infants and Toddlers: In Action DVD (NEW!)Login for price
Books for Infants and Toddlers
G-4974First Steps in Music for Infants and ToddlersLogin for price
G-4975The Book of BouncesLogin for price
G-4976The Book of Wiggles and TicklesLogin for price
G-4977The Book of Tapping and ClappingLogin for price
G-4978The Book of Simple Songs and CirclesLogin for price
G-4979The Book of LullabiesLogin for price
Recordings for Infants and Toddlers
G-CD437’Round and ’Round the Garden
Music in My First Year!
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G-CD438Ride Away on Your Horses
Music, Now I’m One!
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G-CD439Frog in the Meadow
Music, Now I’m Two!
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G-CD493First Steps in Classical Music
Keeping the Beat
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G-5483First Steps in Music for Infants and Toddlers Curriculum
plus all above CDs
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Please email Shashi with orders and inquiries about this material.