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Instrument Rental Plan

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Rent to Own

Harknett Music offers a rent to own program on every yearly rental. If you choose to purchase the instrument within the first year of rental by June 1/23, 100% of your rent will be applied to the purchase price of the instrument. If not purchased within the first year of rental, 50% of all consecutive yearly rent will be applied to the purchase price of your instrument. This offer is valid on yearly rentals only, monthly or semester rentals do not qualify for this program.

This is an excellent way to determine if your son or daughter enjoys music, without investing in a new instrument immediately.

Quality Instruments

Looks can be deceiving. Our repair specialists are seeing more and more poor quality instruments, therefore, if you think the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Harknett Music represents only the finest quality instruments. Our instruments look and perform to the industry's expectations. This means that you are guaranteed an instrument that will be a help, not a hindrance, to your son or daughters musical education. Our rental instruments are tested, serviced and cleaned to ensure each instrument is in excellent playing condition. All mouthpieces are sterilized for the safety of the student. Each student should clean their instrument on a regular basis to ensure that it keeps playing well throughout the year.

Optional Protection Plan

Instrument ValueYearlySemesterMonthly
Under $800.00$14.00$10.00$2.00
Under $2,000.00$22.00$14.00$3.00

Our protection plan provides you with additional coverage limited to the value of the instrument, but not including replacement of the instrument, should the rental instrument be lost, stolen or damaged. A $25.00 deductible applies to instruments valued at under $2,000, deductible for more valuable instruments will be determined at time of rental (malicious damage not included).

Please contact Harknett Music for protection plan pricing details on instruments valued at over $2,000.00

Follow-up Service

When we rent an instrument, that's not the end of the story. We back up everything we rent or sell. We will cover, free of charge, all normal maintenance requirements (excluding cleaning, accidental or malicious damage) for as long as you are renting.

Security Deposit

A Visa or MasterCard number is required at the time of rental to be used as security. Rental customers without a valid credit card must leave a cash deposit equal to the yearly rental fee. Refunds are paid by cheque, and are mailed within two weeks.

Previously Rented Instruments

InstrumentMonthly*SemesterSchool Year
Flute $22.00$99.00$159.00
Piccolo $25.00$109.00$179.00
Clarinet $22.00$99.00$159.00
Bass Clarinet $65.00$295.00$489.00
Oboe $59.00$265.00$439.00
Alto Sax $42.00$195.00$319.00
Tenor Sax $49.00$229.00$379.00
Soprano Sax $85.00$329.00$575.00
Trumpet $22.00$99.00$159.00
Trombone $22.00$99.00$159.00
F Horn Single $50.00$235.00$399.00
F Horn Double $75.00$339.00$565.00
Baritone/Euphonium 3 valve $49.00$235.00$389.00
Tuba (3/4 size) $85.00$395.00$649.00
Snare Drum Kit (with bag) $15.00$59.00$99.00
Bell Set (in carrying bag) $15.00$59.00$109.00
Guitar Acoustic/ Classical $20.00$65.00$109.00
Guitar Electric $20.00$79.00$125.00
Guitar Bass $30.00$95.00$149.00
Amp/ Guitar Practice $15.00$35.00$59.00
Amp/ Bass Practice $15.00$35.00$65.00
Violins all sizes $22.00$99.00$159.00
*Note: Minimum 2 month rental.

New Instruments

InstrumentSchool Year
Bass Clarinet$625.00
Alto Sax$399.00
Tenor Sax$475.00
Soprano Sax$725.00
F Horn Single$535.00
F Horn Double$725.00
Baritone/Euphonium 3 valve$475.00
Tuba (3/4 size)$795.00
Snare Drum Kit (with bag)$139.00
Bell Set (only used available)-
Guitar Acoustic/ Classical$145.00
Guitar Electric$169.00
Guitar Bass$189.00
Amp/ Guitar Practice$75.00
Amp/ Bass Practice$85.00
Violins all sizes$210.00
All instruments come with a case.
Prices do not include 13% HST.

Note: Prices subject to change without notice.