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Concert Band Method Books

Tradition of Excellence

Tradition of Excellence is a flexible performance centered band method that seamless blends classic and contemporary pedagogy, instrument-specific DVD’s, and the cuttingedge interactive practice studio technology. Bruce Pearson and Ryan Nowlin present a systematic comprehensive musicianship curriculum that is second-to-none.

Standard of Excellence

The Standard of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method Books 1 and 2 combine a strong performance-centered approach with music theory, music history, ear training, listening composition, improvisation, and interdisciplinary and multicultural studies. The result is the most complete band method available anywhere.

Also available:
  • Festival Ensembles (3 part Flex)
  • First Performance (Collection)
  • First Performance + (Collection)
  • Excellence in Chamber Music (New! 3 part Flex)
  • First Performance
  • First Performance Plus

Essential Elements

For teachers everywhere, Essential Elements has continued as the standard of string pedagogy. Its carefully designed curriculum makes student learning efficient, yet fun, at all levels. In addition, Essential Elements continues its innovation with powerful technology-based learning tools, supplementary components, and correlated performance materials.

Also available:
  • Film Favorites
  • Christmas Favorites
  • Broadway Favorites
  • Movie Favorites
  • The Beatles

Measures of Success

If you like Brian Balmages’ repertoire, try out his beginner band method book! Measures of Success® was created to ignite musical curiosity, to unite conceptual knowledge with performance skills, to foster understanding of the many ways that people share and interact with music, and to assess each student’s continued musical growth.

Accent on Achievement

Accent on Achievement is a revolutionary, best-selling band method that will excite and stimulate your students through full-color pages and the most complete collection of classics and world music in any band method. The comprehensive review cycle in books 1 & 2 will ensure that students remember what they learn and progress quickly. Also included are rhythm and rest exercises, chorales, scale exercises, and 11 full band arrangements among the first two books. Book 3 includes progressive technical, rhythmic studies and chorales in all 12 major and minor keys. Also included are lip slur exercises for increasing brass instrument range and flexibility.

Sound Innovations for Band

Sound Innovations for Concert Band is a revolutionary method that combines time-tested educational concepts, input from thousands of teachers, and advances in modern technology. Using solid pedagogy written by Robert Sheldon, Bob Phillips, Dave Black and Peter Boonshaft - the methods can be customized by teachers to use their own experiences in creating the best approach for their unique classroom.

This is a good method book for an accelerated class, such as a Grade 9 optional credit beginner class.

**NEW!!** Making Music Matter

This beginning band method is designed to elevate the traditional goals of first-year students to new levels of achievement. Each lesson is skillfully presented in order to develop skills, creativity, and performance. In addition to the exercises, warm-ups, and drills, there are 24 original works by Frank Ticheli as well as 15 solo pieces with optional piano accompaniment. The ultimate goal is more than just learning to play an instrument, it’s also to experience the joy of making music at the earliest stages of learning.

Concert Band Warm Ups and Technique

*NEW* Count Me In by Darcy Vogt Williams and Brian Balmages

A Comprehensive Approach to Rhythm

  • Daily Exercises
    Isolate the building blocks of rhythm in a logical and sequential way.
  • A Flexible Counting System
    Because the best system is one that is used every day in your rehearsals.
  • Ensembles
    In the form of rounds, duets and trios (including full page performance pieces).
  • No Instruments Required
    Allowing the book to be used in mixed instrument settings and enabling students to learn advanced rhythms without the need for advanced technique.
  • Games
    Suggested throughout to make rhythm instruction fun.

Habits of a Successful Musician

Habits of a Successful Musician is a complete full-band method that includes both physical and mental warm-ups. The foundation-building method begins with stretching and breathing exercises that continues with long tones, whole and diatonic scales, and articulation technique patterns.

Middle School Version also available.

Tuned In by Brian Balmages

Comprehensive studies in every major and minor key featuring:

  • Chromatic Intervals
  • Interval Tuning
  • Chorales that isolate the same pitch in every section
  • Drone exercises in major and minor
  • Descending triad exercises that explore major, minor and diminished chords
  • All major and minor scales with suggested drone pitches or use the downloadable option.

Over 30 chorales with block chord studies! Whole instrument tuning - several recommended tuning notes for every instrument to get a complete picture of intonation. Whole section and whole band tuning chorales - get a quick snapshot of your band’s intonation and instantly hear any sections that are out of tune! Free downloadable drones in every key for directors who do not have access to more expensive solutions or need an “on the go” option!

Chorale Collection

Bach and Before for Band

Balance, blend, tone and intonation are just a few of the areas of musicianship that can improve when bands make playing chorales part of their rehearsal warm-up. This collection is flexibly scored to work as a solo, duet, or more up to full concert band instrumentation.

66 Festive and Famous Chorales

This book features scales, thirds, and arpeggios; technique, articulation, and melodious etudes; plus excerpts from the classical repertoire and full-band chorales in 16 major and minor keys

Technique, Key and Scale Building

I Recommend

A complete warm up book containing units on lip slurs, chorales, major scales and scale studies, minor scales, chromatic scales, arpeggios, interval studies, articulation and dynamic studies, rhythm studies, and rudiment review.

3D Band Book

Contains tune up/warm up, key preparation, and rhythm preparation, harmony and ear training, exercises and chorales which all stress fundamentals.

TOE Technique & Musicianship

This book features scales, thirds, and arpeggios; technique, articulation, and melodious etudes; plus excerpts from the classical repertoire and full-band chorales in 16 major and minor keys

Foundations of Superior Performance

This is a scale and key driven technical excercise method. By using Foundations for Superior Performance, you will see improvement in tone production; articulation; flexibility; agility; endurance; range; listening skills; technique and understanding basic music theory.

Jazz Ensemble Method Books

First Place for Jazz

First Place for Jazz is a comprehensive jazz curriculum built from the ground up — essential for implementing the jazz ensemble curriculum. The book is divided into three sections by key: Concert Bb, F, and Eb. Within each section the major, Mixolydian, Dorian, and blues scales and correlated chords of that key are introduced through Jazz Starters, Rhythm Section Spotlights, and Rhythm Sectionals. These enrichments prepare students to play each of the 12 original grade 1-2 Jazz Ensemble Charts and Lead Sheets. Suitable for group or individual instruction, this unique organization, combined with a host of innovative features including Kjos Interactive Practice Studio and availability in SmartMusic, will provide bands with the tools it will need.

EE for Jazz Ensemble

Essential Elements for Jazz Ensemble is a comprehensive method for jazz style and improvisation written by renowned jazz musician and educator Mike Steinel from the University of North Texas. This series provides a great starting point for young musicians to learn the style and nuances of jazz music as well as an introduction to improvisation and more advanced concepts.

Standard of Excellence Jazz Ensemble

This is a comprehensive method for developing the skills of your young jazz students! Ideal for group or individual study, each part book comes with an accompaniment CD. Easy-to-use Rhythm Studies, Improvisation Studies, special rhythm section exercises and full jazz ensemble charts all come together to provide the most comprehensive introduction to jazz possible! The Director Score includes all music and text from the student books, plus teaching tips, rehearsal suggestions, articles on various aspects of putting together a band, and many activities to help reinforce students’ abilities. Written by Dean Sorenson, the head of jazz studies at The University of Minnesota, and Bruce Pearson - author of Standard of Excellence Band Method.

Jazz Ensemble Collections

The Best of Belwin Jazz First Year Charts

Belwin First Year Charts for Jazz

The Best of Essential Elements for Jazz Ensemble

The Best of Belwin Young Jazz Ensemble

String Orchestra Method Books

String Basics

String Basics: Steps to Success for String Orchestra” is a comprehensive method for beginning string classes. Through technical exercises, music from around the world, classical themes by the masters, and original compositions, students will learn to play their stringed instruments in an orchestra. Step-by-step sequences of instruction will prove invaluable as students learn to hold their instruments and bows, finger new notes, count different rhythms, read music notation, and more. Clear, full-color photographs and fingering chart diagrams introduce playing positions, bow holding and bowing, and left-hand finger patterns. Duets, rounds, trios, and orchestra arrangements develop students’ ability to play in an ensemble setting right away, thereby strengthening ear training and intonation. The “Interactive Practice Studio” is a unique downloadable resource containing a wealth of supporting biographical, historical, and cultural information: photos; maps; artwork; audio samples; video and more.

All for Strings

This classic and complete method covers virtually every aspect of beginning through intermediate string study, emphasizing technical skills, rhythmic understanding, and quality musical experiences. The method can be used jsut as well for private instruction.

Essential Elements for Strings

includes online access to:

For teachers everywhere, Essential Elements has continued as the standard of string pedagogy. Its carefully designed curriculum makes student learning efficient, yet fun, at all levels. In addition, Essential Elements continues its innovation with powerful technology-based learning tools, supplementary components, and correlated performance materials.

Habits of a Successful String Musician (New!!)

Habits of a Successful String Musician is a field-tested, vital, and musical collection of almost 400 sequenced exercises for building fundamentals. Perfect to use with the entire string orchestra or solo player at virtually any skill level, this series contains carefully sequenced warm-ups, sight-reading etudes, rhythm vocabulary studies, chorales, tuning canons, and much more. of great literature.


***There are MANY MANY Band, Jazz, & String Method and Collection books out there. We carry ALL OF THEM, and they are all available for sale prices during September & October. Contact us for prices on these and guitar/uke/theory class books as well!