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May 1, 2020
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March 16, 2020
With the well-being of our clients, colleagues, and our community in mind... Harknett has made the difficult but important decision to temporarily close the store, effective March 17, 2020. The closure is in effect until further notice.
We would like to thank our customers for your on-going support and for understanding.
Please stay safe and be well!

Harknett has put together a collection of in-stock solo repertoire collections which are perfect for these purposes, and often, can kill all birds with one stone! As many of these publications are sequenced progressively, they are perfect for your band/book library in your room - giving the students ease of access and a diverse selection of pieces from which to choose, rehearse, and perform! Also, this exposes all students to solo repertoire, which some of them may have never had the chance to try.

This is definitely curricular/regular school day material - its a fantastic way to get away from testing from the method book exercises and/or current repertoire excerpts. When the students choose their piece(s) , they will automatically take greater ownership/pride and this will result in a stronger outcome!

This collection is a small cross section of Harknett's total offering in this area. At anytime, please email Shashi for more info, details, package deal options, or consultation.

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04471610concert and contest collection for c flute
50486142the flute collection - intermediate levelVarious
50486134the flute collection - easy to intermediate levelVarious
W28FLsoe: festival solos - fluteMary Elledge
W37FLsoe: festival solos bk2 fluteMary Elledge
W39FLfestival solos, book 3 - fluteMary Elledge
14036424complete daily exercises for the flute - flute tutor
50329830solos for the flute playerLouis Moyse
50329250album of sonatinas for young flutistsLouis Moyse
00841322master solos intermediate level - fluteGary Sigurdson
ATF104solos for fluteBrahms, Johannes , V
50331090flute music by french composersLouis Moyse
48007048oboe methodApollon Barrett
00-EL00081gekeler method for oboe, book i [oboe]
W39OBfestival solos, book 3 - oboeMary Elledge
W37OBsoe: festival solos bk2 oboeMary Elledge
W28OBsoe: festival solos - oboeMary Elledge
49044377classical highlightsVarious
00283708the new weissenborn method for bassoon - volume 2
00841326master solos intermediate level - bassoonLeonard Sharrow
W28BNsoe: festival solos - bassoonMary Elledge
W37BNsoe: festival solos bk2 bassoonMary Elledge
W39BNfestival solos, book 3 - bassoonMary Elledge
50330390solos for the bassoon playerVarious
50330190solos for the oboe playerVarious
00283708the new weissenborn method for bassoon - volume 2
00841326master solos intermediate level - bassoonLeonard Sharrow
W28BNsoe: festival solos - bassoonMary Elledge
W37BNsoe: festival solos bk2 bassoonMary Elledge
W39BNfestival solos, book 3 - bassoonMary Elledge
50330390solos for the bassoon playerVarious
50330190solos for the oboe playerVarious
00129100intermediate studies for developing artists on the bassoon
00160725rubank book of clarinet solos - easy levelVarious
50486143the clarinet collectionVarious
O304celebrated method for the clarinetKlose, Hyacinthe E.
O43740 studies for clarinetRose, Cyrille
00841324master solos intermediate level - clarinetRamon Kireilis
50486135the clarinet collectionVarious
50328230advanced studiesVictor Polatschek
W39CLfestival solos, book 3 - clarinetMary Elledge
W37CLsoe: festival solos bk2 clarinetMary Elledge
W28CLsoe: festival solos - clarinetMary Elledge
03770637melodious and progressive studies, book 1David Hite
W39CLBfestival solos, book 3 - bass clarinetMary Elledge
W28CLBsoe: festival solos - bass clarinetMary Elledge
W37CLBsoe: festival solos bk2 bass clarinetMary Elledge
04471650concert and contest collection for bb bass clarinet
04471950indispensable folio - eb alto saxophone and pianoR.M. Endresen
00347806the rascher collectionSiguard Rascher
00841325master solos intermediate level - alto saxLarry Teal
04471650concert and contest collection for bb bass clarinet
50330580solos for the alto saxophone playerLarry Teal
O532universal method for saxophoneLefebre, E. A. , Con
00123418intermediate studies for developing artists on saxophone
04471710concert and contest collection for bb tenor saxophone
50490436solos for the tenor saxophone playerLarry Teal
02501737favorite classical melodiesDavid Pearl
00-EL03734classic festival solos (b-flat tenor saxophone), volume 1 solo book [saxophone]
00121409rubank treasures for tenor saxophone
O21Xcomplete conservatory method for trumpet new authentic edition with accompaniment and performance cdArban, Jean-baptiste
50486153the trumpet collectionMark Niehaus
W28TPsoe: festival solos - trumpetMary Elledge
W37TPsoe: festival solos bk2 trumpetMary Elledge
W39TPfestival solos, book 3 - trumpetMary Elledge
O5184thirty etudesHering, Sigmund
00841327master solos intermediate level - trumpetRobert Getchell
00841145canadian brass book of easy trumpet solosRonald Romm
French Horn
50490438solos for the horn playerVarious
04471770concert and contest collection for french horn
50486144the horn collection - intermediate levelVarious
50486152the horn collection - intermediate to advanced levelVarious
00841142canadian brass book of beginning horn solosDavid Ohanian
W28HFsoe: festival solos - french hornMary Elledge
W37HFsoe: festival solos bk2 french hornMary Elledge
W39HFfestival solos, book 3 - french hornMary Elledge
O2790Xsixty selected studies for horn - book 1Kopprasch, Georg
04470650supplementary studies - french horn in f or e-flat and mellophoneR.M. Endresen
50490442solos for the trombone playerVarious
W28TBsoe: festival solos - tromboneMary Elledge
W37TBsoe: festival solos bk2 tromboneMary Elledge
W39TBfestival solos, book 3 - tromboneMary Elledge
00841147canadian brass book of easy trombone solosEugene Watts
50332600first solos for the trombone or baritone playerVarious
O4767studies in legatoFink, Reginald H.
O1594Xmelodious etudes for trombone, book 1: nos. 1-60 selected from the vocalises of marco bordognBordogni, Giovanni M
O1595Xmelodious etudes for trombone, book 2: nos. 61 - 90 selected from the vocalises of marco bordogniRochut, Joannes
W28BCsoe: festival solos - baritone bcMary Elledge
W37BCsoe: festival solos bk2 baritone bcMary Elledge
W39BCfestival solos, book 3 - baritone bcMary Elledge
04470470rubank advanced method, vol. 2 - bass/tuba (b.c.)
00841331master solos intermediate level - tuba (b.c.)Daniel Perantoni
00-EL03895classic festival solos (tuba), volume 2 solo book [tuba]
00841148canadian brass book of easy tuba solosCharles Daellenbach
00841144canadian brass book of beginning tuba solosCharles Daellenbach
W28BSsoe: festival solos - tubaMary Elledge
W37BSsoe: festival solos bk2 tubaMary Elledge
W39BSfestival solos, book 3 - tubaMary Elledge
50330510solos for the tuba playerVarious
414-41194orchestral excerpts for timpani with an audio cd of orchestral performances of each excerpt, plus prRandy Max
W39PRfestival solos, book 3 - percussionPearson/Elledge
W37PRsoe: festival solos bk2 snare drum & malletsElledge/Hagedorn
W28PRsoe: festival solos-drums & mallet percussionElledge/Hagedorn
50332090solos for the percussion player - g schirmerJOHN O'REILLY
00841332master solos - percussion - intermediate levelPeter Magadini
00-17308progressive steps to syncopation for the modern drummer [drumset]
00-11807fundamental method for mallets, book 2 [mallet instrument]
00347777hal leonard school for snare drum