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2019 Percussion Blowout Sale

We’ve got more concert percussion here! Harknett is happy to announce the extension and ADDITIONS to our trailblazing Percussion Instrument BLOWOUT sale, featuring large instruments from LUDWIG-MUSSER, a division of Conn-Selmer USA.

As in the past, we’re featuring “Demo" status instruments, lightly used at recent festivals. The inventory is FRESH, the quantities are LIMITED, and the prices are UNPRECEDENTED.

Contact us today for more information.

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Additional information about each instrument is available by clicking next to the model number.

Ludwig Standard Series Timpani

Retail: $16500

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set of 23", 26", 29", 32"

Musser Classic Chimes

Retail: $7400

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chrome plated brass tubes, 1.5 octaves

Musser Marimba "Classic Grand" w/ Cart

Retail: $8100

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4.3 octave Kelon® bar (A2 – C7)

Musser Vibraphone "Pro-Vibe" w/ Cart

Retail: $8350

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3 octave (F3 – F6), variable speed motor

Musser Pro-Portable Xylophone

Retail: $4099

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3.5 octave Kelon® bar (F4 – C8)

Ludwig Concert Toms w/ 2 Stands

Retail: $2350

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set of 10", 12", 13", 14"

Tycoon Percussion Supremo Series Congas w/ Stand

10" & 11" with red shells
Retail: $670

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Jupiter Snare Kit w/ backpack

includes practice pad, stand and drum sticks
Retail: $235

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Limited Quantities Available. Sale Prices only apply to current stock.

For more information please contact Jon or Jesse